Friday, June 14, 2013

Google Reader, Anxiety and YOU!

As you loyal readers know, I used to be pretty awesome at updating my Pinterest all the time. I even had a weekly feature for a while.
See, the process has always been read the blogs, star the posts I like the most, pin the pictures from said entries. I like to use Pinterest as my own personal blog imagery file cabinet. Then I'd share it with you lovely people.

You might have also noticed that that has slowed from a pleasant skip to somewhat of a slog as of late. 

Here's why:

Google Reader stressed me out.

Not only because it's shutting down and I need to find an alternative (which seems upsettingly unnecessary in my first-world-problems life,) but because it triggers a strange and unshakable... something in me.

Oh- right. The word is anxiety. 

But it's not google readers fault; It's reeeeeeally more of a me problem. 

Let me explain:
There is nothing quite the same kind of stressful as when you get busy for, say, a week, and then cheerfully sit down with a mug of hot chocolate or tea (I don't do coffee), only to be met with the glaring 1000+ count at the top of your list. 
 You think, how can this be? It's been a week? Has that much happened? 


Now, keep in mind I am not afraid of long reading material; one of my favorite books is Anna Karenina. But there is something about having a lot of blog entries to catch up on that makes my blood go cold.

It's like that feeling when you realize you were supposed to email someone or text them back, like, yesterday and TOTALLY forgot. In your head, you know that the blogger in question won't take it personally that you got behind; in fact, they probably have no idea who you are. Almost definitely, actually. But this breach in loyalty is something that I cannot abide in myself. 

So, I just shut my computer and franticly hum as I walk away until my unread pile reaches a digital stack up to the ceiling. 

Oh, I know it's crazy; don't worry about that.

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