Friday, July 26, 2013

Spring Green

SO I've been in Spring Green, WI this summer for a job. And let me say, Wisconsin is beautiful.
Take a look...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Favorite Things: Montara

A few generations ago, my family bought a house on the cliffs of Montara in California. When they first acquired it, it was just a single room and a fireplace. Now it's two bedrooms, a fantastic kitchen and a dining room as well as the Big room. Most of my family holidays have been spent here and more than a few of my favorite memories took place in that kitchen or on that deck. I've made friends there and grown up there. I solidified my love for my family and discovered some of my favorite foods there.  

Basically, I love it. 

We stayed there in May and I got to snap a few photos of the place, my cousins and the newest family member, my cousins baby boy. Here's some of my favorites...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Belly: Bacon Pancakes

I've had a dream for a while.

That dream was to have bacon pancakes.

Well said, Jake the Dog.

Anywho, on my May trip to California, I got to live my dream thanks to my fabulous cousin, Em.

The How is pretty simple: 

Make bacon. We did it in the oven (my favorite way- clean up is super duper easy). 

Take sip of bellini. This step is VERY important. 

After that, Mix up pancake mix. We did bisquick because, well, it has yet to let us down.

Take another sip of bellini.

Then, you chop up the bacon, and sprinkle it on the pancakes. 

Cover in butter. 
Cover in Syrup. 
EAT and be ridiculously happy.