Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Belly: Bacon Pancakes

I've had a dream for a while.

That dream was to have bacon pancakes.

Well said, Jake the Dog.

Anywho, on my May trip to California, I got to live my dream thanks to my fabulous cousin, Em.

The How is pretty simple: 

Make bacon. We did it in the oven (my favorite way- clean up is super duper easy). 

Take sip of bellini. This step is VERY important. 

After that, Mix up pancake mix. We did bisquick because, well, it has yet to let us down.

Take another sip of bellini.

Then, you chop up the bacon, and sprinkle it on the pancakes. 

Cover in butter. 
Cover in Syrup. 
EAT and be ridiculously happy. 

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