Monday, October 15, 2012

Never Ending Story Pt II: The Goods.

Remember that time I started sorting my clothes? I know it's been a while, but I promise I didn't forget.

Well I completed Step 1, which was getting rid of the pieces I don't wear or don't like anymore (which was a much smaller pile than I was expecting). With that phase finished, packing went much faster. Now that I'm unpacking, I'm starting Step 2. Step 2 is going through and assessing what I have going on.

So here's a brief overview of the closet:


Looking at all my tops lined up, I have come to a conclusion: I'm not allowed to get any more cream or white button downs. Especially if they're sheer. To be fair, I wear all of them, but there is a limit.
I also noticed that I have pretty much all solid colors. A color locked or small scale pattern will sneak in there once in a while, or maybe some beading, but my tops are dominated by solid colors. The cut of my tops is fairly uniform: either button downs, semi-fitted t shirts, trapeze tops or camisoles. That's it.


My jackets are kind of dull, really; either leather jackets (of which I have many like my boots,) or blazers. I have a grays, black and a red one. Boom.

I also have two vests, a black leather one and a fishing vest from my uncle. It sounds a little odd, but it looks awesome with everything and is so cozy.

I have a problem with buying orange and oatmeal sweaters. I just keep wearing and loving them; is that so wrong? They tend to be finer knits with some drape or cardigans. The chunky knits I have are few and far between. There's my Paris sweater from my cousin which I wear like a coat and my gold metallic sweater, the ultimate statement neutral. That sounds backwards, but just trust me on this one.


I hate jeans shopping, so when I find a pair I like, I just stick to that and don't deviate. As a result, all my pants are either from Old Navy or Uniqlo. My favorite cut is straight/ skinny, and I like some color; I have dark denim, gray, yellow, green, black and purple. S I've got some interest going on there.

As for skirts, I tend to go patterned on these guys. Looking at them all together, I tend to go with warm colors ranging from tans to reds with a black skirt thrown in for good measure.


I have a couple. this is actually the most diverse part of my closet. Most of them are plain, but I have a few ikat print and floral dresses. Color-wise, I have the whole spectrum: creams into pinks to reds all the way through to purples, browns and blacks. Even the cuts are diverse. Some full skirts, some straight cuts, fitted and draped, thin straps and long sleeves.

So that's what I'm working with. I have a lot of good base pieces, but a lot of it, but feels a little...stale. Or too much like college. Im not sure which; maybe its both. Either way I'm dissatisfied with my closet as a whole.

I think what I need to do next is look at my inspirations again and figure out my favorite pieces. I might even pack away my non-favorites for a few months and see if I forget about them or miss them. Although I love most of my closet, it lacks focus and a cohesive quality that would make it more functional and pleasing.

Now that I've looked at everything together, I'm ready for the next step: deciding what I love about my clothes and what I'm missing to take this pile of garments and turn it into a wardrobe.

I think I've got some more sorting to do...

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