Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wish List: Black and Brown

It's always annoyed me when people tell me what I can and cannot wear.

I mean, I appreciate advice, but when a magazine screams at me that yes, I CAN wear polka dots or someone says "oh, you CAN'T wear a dress with those shoes" or "you CAN'T possibly wear a fanny pack" something snaps in my brain. 

Whatever that person has declared unacceptable, I must wear. Right. Now. Even if I agree with the person, like with the fanny pack (they just don't need to work- can we all agree on that?), I must prove that person wrong. It's part of a stubborn streak I have that flares up at fairly useless times. 

The most annoying "you can't do that" I've encountered in my travels is the no black and brown together rule. I personally LOVE this combo and have never had any issues with clashing-while-wearing. In fact, I usually get some kick ass compliments when I wear this combination. 

So for this wish list I thought I'd put a dream outfit together, black and brown and red (lipstick) all over. 

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