Monday, January 21, 2013

Quilting for Funzies

So I'm making a quilt.

Yup- I started a big project. My goal is to, well... actually finish this one.

I have a habit of starting things like scarfs and hats, etc and never finishing them. But not this time.

See, this one is compact, adorable, and has a no-pressure time frame. And it can be done whenever I fell it is done (or I run out of fabric- whichever comes first).

So here's the process:

I tack small squares of fabric to my amazing tiny hexagons.

Then, I stitch the hexagons together making flowers.

When I have enough of those, I sew them all together.

To finish it off, I undo the tack stitched and remove the papers.

TaDa!!! I have a quilt top.

It's coming along fairly well so far, I think. I'm just at the flower making phase, but I think its going well. I'll keep you updated on how its going!

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