Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apartment Update!

my picture wall in my room

So it's been about a week in the new place, and we are settling in quite nicely. Here's some of the updates we've made:
bits form the living room- our theta wall, our wall of pictures, and our amazing bookcase complete with tea set AND joan holloway barbie 

from this...

to this! dining room table- we found an awesome little grocery stores that has a great flower section
sad bar...

happy bar!!- those are our royalty/ LU shot glasses
empty bathroom...
cute bathroom! my babushka glasses, my side of the sink, and our bathroom post cards

my amazing bed and nigh stand- not over how much i love the lamp

first bedside table...

bedroom details- my bedside table, my jewelry and a purple tray (i made it!)

What do you guys think?

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