Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Belly: Frisée Salad


I love food, particularly French food.

And I love eggs- remember?

home made croutons
So it makes sense that one of my favorite meals in the world combines those two things: simple and exquisite french food and poached eggs.

Papa Cravens makes a salad of frisée, bacon, croutons, AND egg.
Here's how it works: the dressing is particularly acidic and vinegary so the creaminess of the egg warms up the salad and turns it into a glowing, luscious salad.

The salt of the bacon and the crunch of the croutons make it satisfying on all fronts. I especially love it because Papa makes homemade croutons. The whole house smells warm and salty. Sometimes, he'll get the thick lardon that stays a little chewy and soft. I love the soft parts of the bacon. It's like finding the squishy fries that have soaked up the Ikea gravy.

When all of these elements come together, it turns into a cornucopia of every flavor and texture I love: crunchy, soft, warm, cool, crisp, salty, vinegary, and creamy.

Basically, it's beautiful and delicious.

Sometimes I lick the plate.

Fine; I always lick the plate.

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