Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Belly: Poached Eggs

I'm pretty sure eggs are the best food in the world.

And I'm pretty sure poached eggs are the best eggs in the world.

Think about it: poached eggs are creamy but cooked, gooey but manageable, soft yoked but not fried so they're good for you. It really is the best of all eggs.

I will put poached eggs on... Well, anything I suppose. I put them on soup, salad, sandwiches, most meats, any carbs... Just about anything. The trouble is that they can be very tricky to do right-  so easily can one find a whisky, stringy mess staring back at you from the pot of lightly bubbling water. Is there anything more sad and disappointing when all you want is an egg?

Well, the Mama Cravens has found the solution: poach pods.

I know, I'm just as skeptical of anything with "pod" in the title. But these are magical.
They've simplified the process of poaching an egg to boiling the water, spraying the pods with pam, cracking eggs into them, and putting them in the boiling water. A few minutes later, you come back to beautiful, happy, shiny little eggs glinting back at you cheerily.

So what does one do with that time? If you're me, (which I am,) then you put one of those laughing cow cheese wedges on toast, put the eggs on, crush some salt, pepper and flax seed on, and go to town.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some eggs to eat.
Or twelve.

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