Monday, July 16, 2012

Wish List: Bedroom

I'm not bringing any of my furniture with me when I move. See, it's all Ikea, so by the time I disassemble it, pay to ship it and put it back together, I might as well leave it all here and sell it to friends. Which I've done. This leaves me with a blank slate. And oh, oh so many options. A dangerous combination.

See, since we now have an apartment, another blank slate, I have of course been pouring over countless decorating blogs, magazines and websites in search of inspiration. Well, I've found more than my fair share of ideas. Indeed, flooded by paint chips and throw pillows, I eat, breath and dream in apartment design. Not that I have the money to buy the furniture or wallpapers I want. Or can paint the walls. Or go back in time and steal some chandeliers  from Versailles. Ok, I couldn't do that one anyways, but still.

So in an effort to rein it in a bit [laugh track], I've made a list of my essentials for when I get to Wisconsin. The essentials are a bed, storage, and light. I looked back though my pinterest boards and found some great inspiration. I then ventures onto the great wide internet and searched for hidden goodies in my price range. Here's what I found:

ikea bed frames, both under $200. WIN. 
i'd probably paint the mirror frame. and i love the glass cupboard  for shoes and accessories
pretty sheets, glory lamps and a little bit of sparkle
I'll keep you guys posted on how everything turns out!

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