Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dress is More: Red Skirt

This skirt used to be a dress. A really short dress. My solution: to cut off the bodice an make it into a skirt. Now, its my new favorite skirt. I wore it with my gray tissue thin tshirt, my Jcrew layered necklace and the gold bangle my godmother gave me for graduation. I love these pieces- the skirt is all floaty and pretty, the tshirt is so SO soft, and a little bit of sparkle does a lot of good. I especially love my bangle- It has these beautiful images of hunting and fishing in a byzantine-esque style. It's the kind of piece that speaks for itself. And, It's an heirloom which always makes things extra special- dontcha think?

tshirt, express; skirt/dress, kimchi blue; necklace, jcrew; bangle, heirloom

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