Monday, July 30, 2012

Five Things I've Learned From Living With Dogs

little harriet
In case you don't know, I love dogs. Correction, I LOVE dogs. I'm the person who stops on the street to get kisses form the fat bulldog on the corner. For ten minutes.

Besides my gorilla do-lovin, I've also been privileged enough to live with some truly amazing, opinionated, attitude-full dogs in my lifetime. And they have taught me some valuable lessons. I thought I'd take a moment to thank them and point out the things that these love nuggets have taught me between belly rubs and treats.

harriet napping
hobbes and matzah looking dapper
It's not always about you. Being in charge of another living creature means you have to make sure they fit into your day. You can't just not come home on time if theres a dog waiting to be let out or fed. It makes you take a step back and look at your priorities. What is more important: going out till 2am, or taking care of your pal? 
lydia and harriet

Look out for your pack. Check in with everyone to make sure they're ok. My dogs have always done this. Throughout the day, they interrupt their naps to make the rounds, as it were, and say hi to everyone. Even in the middle of the night, our family dog Lydia always gets up to poke her head into every room. If someone in your pack is upset, or hurt, or just plain having a bad day, pause and make sure you try to help them out. Whether thats stopping to hold a hand or just sending a text. And there's nothing snuggles can't make a little better.
    Keep your room cleanThis one is learned when you come home and find the dog galloping and dancing in a flurry of your underwear. Then you come in to find them chewing happily on you computer cords, or eating your chapsticks. Once these things happen, you start putting things away. 

    Brush your teeth. Anyone who has had a dog yawn in their face will be reminded to do this small, annoying step. 

    ready for her first walk
    Walks and naps really do help. Even on the worst, most tiring, most emotionally draining day, take a little walk. even if its just up and down the street or around the corner to pick up your laundry. It clears your head, gives you more energy, and makes you feel just better. Its a pain in the butt to get ourself up, but once you are, you're never sorry. And naps are always a calming and reviving thing to do. Why do you think dogs are always so perky? It's because they nap most of the day. 

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