Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Belly: Cool Lime Refresher

I have a deep love of Starbucks. It started in high school, and I've never really been able to shake it. Every once in a while, in an effort to save money, I'll get a coffee maker and a vanilla or pumpkin flavored syrup and tell myself it totally tastes the same. In the inside I know that's just not true. Then I break and get a pumpkin latte and colors seem bright again. In the summer, though, it's just too stinkin hot for hot coffee so I switch to their iced teas. I'm usually a staunch trenta-green-tea-shaken-lemonaide-un-sweetened girl, but when I saw the ads for the cool lime refreshers, my ears perked up- what is this magic?

Turns out it's delicious magic. It's the best parts of lemonaide without that odd dry mouth aspect, and has a zing of lime. Its the kind of flavor you never really get sick of, you know? They also use some kind of green tea extract to add some natural caffeine (yay!). Plus it's a pretty color. Which is always a plus for me. In any case, I've definitely found my new summer drink.

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