Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Favorite Things: Lush Body Products

There are two factors in a product that will sell it to me instantly and without hesitation: smell and packaging. That is why I don't let myself near the Benefit store. And why I am not allowed in a Lush store alone or with a credit card. (You heard me gush about their lotion in my this older post.) All of their lotions and potions come in the cutest, cleanest packaging with hand-made looking labels. Between that and the giggle-enducing, mind-calming, unmistakable scent that wafts from the doorway, I'm completely on bored. Add amazing organic ingredient and I'm driving the ship.

I have tried (what feels like literally) every single product on their shelves, and I've come to and important conclusion: I love them all. The bath bombs even make someone as impatient as me like sitting in a bath tub. I can usually only do a 10  minute bath tops before I get bored senseless. But when a Lush bath bomb is involved, I take my sweet time. The prices are higher than I'd like, but the quality and effectiveness make them worth it. These are just the after-bath bits I love; I'm afraid the bath time goodies are going to have to wait for another post. Until then, enjoy smelling, feeling, and looking amazing. 
(Trust me- you will)
Here are the products I love the best and are completely worth the price tag:

Breath of Fresh Air- I like to keep this toner in the fridge and spritz my face when it's hot. It's also a nice way to start your day if you're not a morning person (like me)

Tea Tree Toner Tabs- These are a great little addition to a spa night. After you scrub and before you put on your mask, get a pot of just-boiled water and a tea towel. Drop one of these little nuggets into the water, place the towel over your head and bask in the glorious steam. The tea tree oil in the tabs is incredibly cleansing for your skin, smells great and just makes you feel spa-like. Cucumber water, please!

Dream Cream- LOVE this. It smells and feels like a sunday where you have nothing scheduled and you stay in your pajamas all day reading.   

Volcano Foot Mask- It's a little tricky to use, but I think it's worth it. You slather it on your feet, then wrap them up in plastic wrap (which is a little strange at first, but you get used to it). Then you just sit back and let it soak in for a while. And then the awkward plastic-wrapping process becomes worth it. I don't know how, but it makes your feet tingle, then just relax. You feel the muscles in your feet calm down and unclench. Then, you take off the plastic wrap and rinse or scrub it off. The results? Soft, happy, relaxed feet. 

Stepping Stone- This little foot-sheped nugget is one of my favorite  foot scrubs. It crumbles into little bits and you can just scrub and scrub till your feet are soft again. Its also great for post-beach elbows and knees.

Bewitched- This massage bar smells RIDICULOUS. It has violet, lime and chamomile, which sounds weird at first. But trust me, you smell this and everything is better and sweeter and softer. It also has those yummy knobs to gently coax knots to calm down for a second.  

Shimmy Shimmy- LOVE this. It's basically solid body lotion. You rub it on and the warmth of your body makes it melt just a little. I like to use it before bed so it can soak in all night. Oh yeah- and it's a little bit sparkly. Which is a gimmie for this gal. 

Lustre- I use a little bit of this every day. It's a gold flecked powder with the finest glittery texture. It also smells like jasmine. I use just a touch (thats really all you need) on my shoulders and collar bone, or I put it in my hand with my lotion for my legs and arms. Not gonna lie; it kinda makes me feel like a fairy princess, and I kinda* love feeling like a fairy princess. 

*By kinda I mean REALLY.

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